Hello, my name is Lisa Cindric and this is my online portfolio. I have been a designer for over 20 years and I’ve gained experience working in publishing, software, print, government and the environmental and energy industry, designing for a diverse and international audience. My work has won awards and recognition from the League of American Communications Professionals and the National Education Computing Conference. I have four years of education in graphic design and multimedia from St. Lawrence and Algonquin College in Ontario, Canada and while living there I received the professional designation of Registered Graphic Designer.


Now Miami, Florida is my new home and it is here where  I completed the UX/UI Immersive program at Wyncode Academy I am looking for opportunities to now work as a data-driven designer and apply my new skills to better solve user problems and improve upon the user experience. My UX/UI site is:







Packaging for WinZip Mac Edition took on a slightly different approach than its PC counterpart. A larger, tilted version of the vice icon which wrapped over on to the spine of the box was used as well as a brushed metal style background. The bevelled text was replaced with  Helvetica black text. This new approach gives a more clean and  modern look to the product.

This was the previous treatment, of the identity.

Virtual Site Simulations


Virtual Site Simulations (VSS) provides photo simulations and view shed analysis packages for telecommunication providers. They needed branding that would effectively communicate their fast and accurate services.

Kawalsa Salsa


Kawalsa salsa needed branding that would represent it’s all natural, organic ingredients. By working with the initial “K” for Kawalsa and exploring many type faces I designed an iconic flower logo that is simple, memorable, versatile, timeless and appropriate to the target market – health conscious consumers who want nutritious and delicious products.

Packaging Design

During my 11 years with the Corel Corporation I designed several packages for various software applications including one of their flagship products, WordPerfect Office.

A standard template was designed and a different model and color scheme was used to communicate and differentiate for the individual audiences. The inside flaps contain a series of output examples that each product specializes in. Along with the package design, I also created supporting collateral such as the  install screens, icons, and content (templates) for the application.

In addition to WordPerfect I designed packaging for several photo and video editing consumer products.

Board Game

The Ultimate Hockey Trivia Challenge

A dynamic 3D puck in motion framing a hockey stick with another puck flying creates an eye catching containment for the title of the board game. The font and colors used are typical with sports team jerseys.

The age range for the game is 12 and up so a general hockey theme approach was taken versus a design that was more directed to juveniles or a purely adult audience.

The game retailed in multiple chain retail stores across Canada.

Mobile App UI

Access RI

This mobile application was designed to guide users to public access sites along Rhode Island’s nearly 400 miles of coastline. The mobile app leverages the updated information provided by Rhode Island Sea Grant to produce an easily interactive application for public access sites from around the state.

Website UI


OceansMap allows users to access, visualize, and interpret a broad range of environmental data from around the globe, including both real-time observations and model forecasts, all with just a few simple clicks. The logo is a stylized wave made up of several components to represent that.

Trade Show Booth

The SEG International Exposition

A trade show booth for the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) that incorporates staff within the energy sector of RPS US.


Life Cycle of the Walleye Pollock

This illustration was created for an article in a scientific journal. It was accompanying an article about the life cycle of the walleye pollock. The mesh tool in Adobe Illustrator was used to give the fish more depth.

I have created a wide variety of illustrations on the computer as well as with traditional media.


Annual Reports, Text Books, Corporate Booklets

I designed 4 annual reports for the Corel Corporation. This report received an award from the League of American Communication Professionals.

Email Designs

RPS Email Marketing

Designing emails to promote company news for trade shows, acquisitions and webinars was something I did regularly at RPS. I also would track and provide measurable data on the success of each one to stake holders.

Apparel Branding

Logo and Ads

Cammo is a clothing brand concept that is about easy transitional clothing that can be accessorized or "camouflaged" to take you to the gym and then to lunch without having to change a lot of clothes. The logo represents that by having a color shift through the word mark to show transition.The chameleon's tail is a stylized lowercase “a" and the reptile suits this brand because chameleons can change their appearance to blend in with their environment just like the clothing is all about camouflaging the look of an outfit to suit the scenario you need it for. 

Pat Tallon Cover of Folder.jpg
Executive's Brochure and Logo

Brochure and Logo

My client was seeking an executive-level job as the President and Chief Operating Officer at Tulmar Safety Systems. He wanted a promotional piece to bring to the interview that would outline his resume, business imperatives, strategy and methodology to increase sales of the company. FYI, he got the job!



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My resume, additional portfolio pieces and references are available upon request.

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