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The  Step Up Gym needed a logo that would represent a personable approach to training. The key points the client wanted to illustrate for the business are: friendly, fun professional and adaptable. The three lines give energy to the logo and also represent the multiple services the gym offers. The figure is unintimidating, fun, non-gender specific and the elevated word "up" is a clever play on the words therefore helping to make it more memorable.

Corel WordPerfect Lightning is a lightweight word processor that promises you a fast and reliable place to create and save documents. With that in mind the logo evolved out of documents stylized to look like they are moving fast and forming the shape of a lightning bolt.

Sweet Sheep is a line of lotion bars that are all natural and hand made.

Lanolin is  one of natures most effective moisturizers  and it is the  main ingredient in the product. Since lanolin is removed from wool when it is processed into textiles the owner came up with the name "Sweet Sheep".


The flourished body of the sheep compliments the feminine floral, clean notes of the products and the circular shape makes for easy application of the lid sticker on the packaging as well as a stamp for the lotion bar.


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I designed the WaveForce Technologies company logo as well as their three software applications. Arrows are a prominent symbol in these wave analysis and modeling solutions so I made them a prominent part of the logo.  The circle within each represents the globe and provides a container for the intial of each product name.


WaveForce consulting services include metocean studies, wave modeling applications, and the development of custom web displays.



Woolen Diversions offers knitting patterns that are simple and fun to make and have thoughtful, elegant details. The specialty is accessories: hats, scarves, cowls, mitts, and socks. The logo had to be fun and represent the organic nature of wool. The knitting needles frame the words and the "l" loops through the top needle like a stitch. The "S" in diversions was flipped horizontally to create exactly that–a visual diversion.



Chuckstock is an outdoor music festival that took place on a prestine beach along the Ottawa River in Deep River, ON. It is an hommage to Woodstock and a celebration of community and music.


I echoed elements from the original Woodstock logo by incorporating a guitar and birds. Seagulls take the place of the original dove so that it would be more in keeping with the beach environment.

This logo was designed for a hobbyist brewer. The name of his home brewery is "Grubby Toe Brewery". By extending the serif on the "G" to create a "T" for the initials of the name it creates a cohesive logo that fits nicely within the label design.  The wood block font and engraved style apple illustration give a home made, artisan feel. The foot print centered within the letters works with the name "Grubby Toe" and appeals to this flip flop clad brewer who, despite the name takes cleanliness of his product to a very high standard. As a doctor in Oceanography, his scientific background ensures a good, clean refreshing brew!

A clean silhouette image in black on a simplistic background in a light blue creates a strong, easy to read logo. The mountains and snow frame the main image and the script font compliments the fluidity and speed of the sport.


Mount Martin Ski Club wanted a new logo that would take this 60+ year old club into modern times. The "M" served as a great way to use the initial and frame the logo by acting as the background to cut away the "S" shape that serves as a pictorial image of a ski slope, the speed of the sport and the initial for skiing. It is a simple logo and perfect for the embroidering on their jackets.


In the end they chose the second one. It has a more vintage approach to the logo to celebrate the longevity of the club. It illustrates both skiing and snowboarding and it is a very Canadian, patriotic solution with the maple leaf and the use of the red and white color scheme. 



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